What is QTAG?

QTAG is a metal TAG with a QR Code impression. Register in the qtagg.in service so you can update the content of this QR Code anytime you want.

Showing your QTAG enables sharing documents, pictures or textual information. This means, that you can share that PDF document between devices, set your telephone number in your keychain to recover if lost or display allergies and contact information in case of emergency.

You decide how to use the QTAG. We provide you different content types: link, file, text, and social card and you decide the content.
Buy a QTAG and improve the way you share digital information.

QTAG Content types

File upload

Upload a file to your QTAG so download it scanning your QTAG. Pictures, document, whatever file you want!

Textual information

Set a message to be read. Information in case of emergency. Information for lost and found. It is cool to set your hotel direction in your lugage if you are on a trip.

Social networks

All your social networks with a scan. Your personal webpage or the new fancy-project-beta in a unspelleable domain.


You already have all the content online? Just link your QTAG with your personal webpage or your bussines homepage. Start branding!